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Table Cloths

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 11:39 PM

As a wedding décor planner, I used to worry about every little detail of decorating for wedding receptions.  I bought several colors of quality table cloths and would try to match the bride’s colors perfectly.  Then one day I realized that what I really needed were just two colors of tablecloths-white and cream.  The color could be added by using an overlay or a runner. This not only cut down on the money I was spending on cloths but also on the storage space I needed.  The rule that usually worked was if the bride wore a white dress we used white tablecloths and if she wore a cream colored dress, most of the time her color scheme worked best with our cream colored cloths.


If you want to know what size of cloths to buy, remember this rule.  Most tables you will find will have a 30 inch drop to the floor.  Therefore, if you wanted a to cover a 60-inch round table and you wanted your cloths to touch the floor you would need to buy a 120” round table cloth. If you want the tablecloths to be 10 inches from the ground you would subtract 20”.  If you wanted to cover an 8 foot long serving table to the floor you would need a rectangular cloth that measured 90” by 156”-assuming the table is 30 inches wide.  Most long tables are 30 inches wide but if in doubt, always measure.  Happy decorating!

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