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Big or small centerpieces?

Posted on October 14, 2014 at 11:54 AM
I recently attended a wedding reception that had different types and sizes of centerpieces on the tables.  The table my friends and I chose had a beautiful centerpiece on it but as soon as we sat down and started talking to each other we realized we couldn’t see each other’s faces during our conversations. Since there were very few guests in the reception hall at that time, I bravely “swapped” centerpieces with another table.  Hopefully no one noticed my little dirty deed.  The guests around my table were now able to have a lovely conversation and make eye contact while talking.  So what do we learn here?  Centerpieces can be beautiful AND they can be big but they have to either be small enough or tall enough that your guests can still carry on a conversation and talk about how beautiful you look!  Once you figure out what your centerpieces will be, set them on your kitchen table, and sit down.  Ask yourself, “If I were setting here, could I see the person the other side of the table?”  If the answer is “no” then you might want to re-evaluate what should be on the center of the table.  Your guests will enjoy their time so much more if they don’t feel like they had to sit all night with a bouquet of flowers in their face.  Oh and by the way, I saw 3 other people “swap” their centerpieces for smaller ones.  Happy planning!


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